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Learn to prep & stage your own home like the experts for a faster and more profitable sale!


Where to put your time & money when it comes to cleaning, repairs, updates & more

How to stage your own furniture and decor for the biggest impact aka biggest profits $$$

Decluttering tips to help you decide what to keep and what to let go of during this stressful time


Intro: Getting Your Head Right

Prepping to sell a home isn't just about logistics . . . it's an emotional process. We'll help you get your head right and your timeline flowing before you even start

Chapter 1: Purging

By starting with getting rid of what doesn't belong, you'll make the rest of the job much easier. We'll walk you through every step

Chapter 2: Decluttering

Learn what to let go of, and valuable tips on the psychology of decluttering that will help you keep calm & focused during the process

Chapter 3: Repairing

Don't lose time and money fixing the wrong things. Learn what buyers care about, and what to skip

Chapter 4: Updating

From painting to simple budget updates, we'll walk you through what needs done, and what doesn't

Chapter 5: Neutralizing

Learn paint colors that increase your home's value, and what steps to take to depersonalize your home without losing its soul

Chapter 6: Cleaning

Learn the number one thing sellers most often miss that will cost you big in the long run by using our simple checklist to tackle your cleaning

Chapter 7: Styling & Staging

Staging doesn't have to be extensive or intimidating to work. Maximize your budget by using your existing decor, and learn our best tricks for creating a result that has buyers opening their wallets!

Chapter 8: Lightening & Brightening

Learn to think like a photographer, what to do about those outdated draperies, and use our checklist to avoid making small mistakes that will cost you

Chapter 9: Mastering Curb Appeal

We'll help save you from yourself by focusing on the big picture, and addressing the things that matter most when it comes to buyers' first impression

Chapter 10: Final Tweaks & Marketing

Learn our secret weapon for open-houses, how to prep for showings, and what to look for in a Realtor & photographer

Conclusion: You Can Do This!

Nobody's perfect, but with our guidance you'll eliminate confusion, find a rhythm to your prep, and list confidently knowing you're getting the most for your property

Bonus: Resources & Tips

Our list of time-wasters to avoid will save you tons of work and steer you toward bigger-impact checklist items & helpful resources to make the process as painless as possible!


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A self-paced stager training course created for newer stagers starting from zero!


✅ Brand new bootstrapping stagers

Existing Stagers looking to rebuild a more solid foundation

Realtors looking to add staging

Designers & Decorators looking to add staging


Part 1: Business Basics

Learn what you need to do behind-the-scenes to make your business legal and efficient from day one. From how to write a contract, to keeping track of staging details, to what kind of insurance you need, this section will set you up for success.

Part 2: Design Basics

Let's face it. You already have an eye for design or you wouldn't be here. Instead of teaching you every nitpicky little thing, we only teach the most effective, simplest hacks and strategies to make your stagings picture perfect every single time.

Part 3: Staging & Real Estate Basics

Learn about your new industry, how the staging process works, how to talk to Realtors, what to buy and where to stock your inventory when it's time, and how to feel confident going out into the world armed with enough information to position yourself as an expert from day one.

Part 4: Selling Your Staging Skills

Most staging courses teach you outdated sales methods and focus on high-pressure strategies. Instead, we believe in smarter not harder, and so we're teaching you our easy ick-free sales strategies that never feel salesy.

Part 5: Mental Health

A healthy business owner is a profitable business owner. Learn coping strategies, how to set healthy boundaries, and focus in on small changes you can make in your life that will help you succeed as an entrepreneur.


  • A 39-pg downloadable course guide
  • Contract clauses, packing lists & more
  • Action challenges to keep you on track
  • Templates & downloadables to set you up for success

  • AND a detailed BONUS video all about Sourcing & Selecting Inventory!


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